Reasons why teenagers get addicted

When it comes to addiction among teenagers, there is no single reason why they get addicted. However, some reasons are quite common among them. Some teenagers could get addicted due to some reasons that could have been avoided if their parents, guardians, or caregivers were aware.

Here are some common reasons why teenagers get addicted:

  • Peer pressure

The teenage age is one where every young person tries to fit into the societal demands. Hence, when many people within that age bracket are doing some things, and a few others are not, the latter is labeled the black sheep.

Some of these activities eventually lead to addiction, but they are laced with insecurities for those who do not indulge in them.

  • Experimentation

Teenagers are very curious individuals. Usually, they are keen to find out what would happen when they take or indulge in a particular activity.

Hence, there is a likely chance for them to engage in nefarious and risky activities that could lead to addiction. Substances like drugs and alcohol are readily accessible and available for teenagers to experiment with, and they become addicted in the long run.

  • To feel great

For teenagers who know the short-lived surreal effects of substance abuse, they indulge in it because they want to keep feeling great. However, they will discover that they run out of thrills and they heighten its use, which later leads to addiction.

On the other hand, behavioral addiction works the exact way. For instance, if a teenager realizes that much money can be made from gambling, they will try it out. If they make some money, it boosts their morale to keep trying.

  • No education

When the knowledge of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Many teenagers don’t know the dangerous pitfalls of getting addicted, this is why some of them still indulge in their addictive habits.

From childhood, some of them grew up thinking that these addictive habits were normal. And this is because they were not exposed to the right information.

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